Material No.: 2.4617



EN symbol (short)NiMo28
Alloy B-2
UNSN 10665
Registered work's labelHastelloy® B2
Density lb/in30,333
Hardness HB<=250
CompositionNickel Molybdenum alloy
CategoryCorrosion resisting steels and alloys
Structurecubic-face-centred grid
DescriptionThis material is an corrosion resistant alloy (nickel-molydenum-mixed crystal) with an checked minimum content of iron and chrome
excellent resistance against reducing substances, also against various organic acids
good resistance against hydrochloric acid in a wide range of concentrations and temperatures
2.4617 shows good resistance against corrosion due to tension and fissures
due to a low carbon and silicium content (which lowers carbide secretion in heated areas of weld seams) this material shows sufficient resistance against corrosion even in a welded state

Chemical Composition

2.4617Min %      26,00balance   
Max %0,010,081,000,0250,0151,0030,00balance1,002,000,50
(Key to Steel 2010)
alloy B-2
N 10665
Min %      26,00balance   
Max %0,020,101,000,040,031,0030,00balance1,002,00 
ASTM B 622

Physical properties

Density: lb/in30,333
Hardness: HB<=250
Permeability at 20°C/68°F<1,001
Temperature T
Specific heat
J / kgK
(Btu / lb °F)
Thermal conductivity
(Btu·in / ft2·h·°F)
Electric resistance
µΩ · cm
(Ω circ mill / ft)
Modulus of elasticity
(103 ksi)
Expansion rate from 70°F bis T
10-6 / K
(10-6 / °F)
20 / 6837711,4137217 
100 / 21238912,213821310,3
200 / 39240613,413820810,8
300 / 57242314,613920311,1
400 / 75243116,013919711,4
500 / 93244417,314119111,6
600 / 111245618,714618411,8
700 / 1292   176 

Mechanical properties (20°C / 68°F)

Yield strength min.ksi (MPa)51 (350)
Yield strength380-370
Tensile strength (offset0,2%)min. ksi110
Elongation in 2 in.(50,8 mm)%40%
ISO-V Notched impact strength
(Average value at 20°C/68°F)
ISO-V Notched impact strength (bei-321°F)120J/cm2

Temparature information

Application area
Operation temperature-321 ºF  to 752 ºF 
Solution heat treatment
Working temperature1940 ºF  to 1976 ºF 
Explanation reportfollowing fast water or air cooling
Processing informationsavoid temperature between 1292°F-1598°F
Solution heat treatment
Working temperature2120 ºF  to 1652 ºF 
Explanation reportrequires following air or water cooling
avoid temperature between 1292°F-1598°F

Standards / information

ASTM B 333Standard specification for Nickel-Molybdenum alloy sheet metal and ribbons
ASTM B 335Standard Specification for Nickel-Molybdenium Alloy rods
ASTM B 564-06Standard Specification for Nickel Alloy Forging
ASTM B 619Standard Spezifikation for Welded Nickel and Alloy Pipe
ASTM B 622Standard Specification for Seamless Nickel and Nickel-Cobalt Alloy Pipe and Tube
ASTM B 626Standard Specification for Welded Nickel and Nickel-Cobalt Alloy Tube
DIN 17744 (2002/09)nickel-forgeable alloy with molybdenum and chrome
DIN 17750 (2002/09)ribbons and sheet metal out of nickel with nickel-wrought alloy properties
DIN 17751 (2002/09)tubes out of nickel with nickel-wrought alloy properties
DIN 17752 (2002/09)rod made from nickel with nickel-wrought alloy properties
DIN 17753 (2002/09)wire out of nickel with nickel-wrought alloy properties
VdTÜV / Werkstoffblatt 436extremely corrosion resistant alloy, NiMo 28, material-nr. 2.4617

Process information

Cold forminggood, when annealed; mind cold work hardening
Chip removing processPreferably in solution annealed condition, low cutting speed, tools in permanent use with sufficient depth of cut.
 - Material classification acc. CEN ISO/TR 1560844
 - Typewell weldable
weld in solution annealed state
 - Add. material2.4615;2.4616

Main fields of application

Details of applicationResistant within wide temperature range in hydrochloric acid, medium concentrated sulfuric acid and can be used in phosphoric and acetic acids.
Optimal resistance properties can only be achieved with clean and metallic bright material.
Chemische Industriezur Verarbeitung von Schwefelsäure(z.B.Schwefelsäurekühler)
Chemische Industriezur Salzsäureherstellung
Chemische Industriezur Verarbeitung von Phosporsäure
Chemische Industriezur Verarbeitung von Essigsäure (z.B.Reaktoren)

Range of products

Product typeProduct
Rotating componentsfittings from barsteel
Flanges / Collars / Flared tube endsflared tube end
various flanges (weld neck flange,blind flange etc.)
Bar steelflat steel
round bar steel
hexagon steel

Liability exclusion

All aforementioned specifications serve as a general orientation and have to be reviewed depending on the conditions of use.
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